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May 9, 2012

~*My Birthday Specials*~

Left to Right: Chunky Chana and Potato Dip, Chili Pakora, Karela Fry, Sarson Ka Saag w/ Makki Roti
Every year, my mom asks us what special dish we want prepared on our birthdays. This year, I asked for chili pakora, also known as stuffed chili fritters. Golden brown battered and fried chilies stuffed with onions and spices. Can't wait to feel the heat. Here are some of my other favorite dishes that I enjoyed on my birthday over the years. Chunky Chana and Potato curry served as a dip or eaten with naan or rice as an entree. Seasoned Karela Fry* is so delicious and not so bitter. Last but not least, is the Sarson Ka Saag with Makki Roti (corn flatbread similar to arepas). This is as authentic as you're going to get with North Indian food and is simply delicious. I ate this on my last India trip and wish they doggy bagged it for me but that concept hasn't reached there yet. Shocking, I know!

***Other vegetables that make awesome fries are Arvi (Taro root), green plantains, sweet potato and of course, potato.

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