The word "khana" in Indian Khana Made Easy means food. So come on, let's explore and cook some easy Indian food together including gluten-free and vegan dishes.


September 12, 2018

It Started with a Celebration!

Top, left to right: Date and Almond LadduEgg curry
Center, left to right: Cauliflower curry, 
Saag Paneer with Garlic Naan
Bottom, left to right: Mango MoussePulihora (Tamarind rice) and Poornalu (Sweet Lentil Tempura)

I love Indian festivals!! They are a reminder for us to be thankful for what we have and be hopeful for what we can achieve in the future. Last Friday, we celebrated with good food, friends and family. 

Here's to many more occasions to celebrate with our loved ones!! 

September 3, 2018

Dosa Heaven in Brooklyn

I can't believe there's only one dosa restaurant in all of Brooklyn! One?? That's so disappointing. What's worse is that, there's at least half a dozen North Indian restaurants in this area. 

I rather eat hot and crispy dosas over Chicken Tikka Masala any day. 

The "dosa heaven" I'm referring to is about the dosas I made at home. My husband and I decided to stay at home and clean this Labor day weekend. I made dosas as a reward. I made them using the homemade dough my mom gave me when I lasted visited their place. MOMS think of everything!!  

What better way to enjoy dosas than with dosa chutney and potato curry. Dosas would be naked without them.

I never understood why restaurants always served dosas with coconut chutney but not peanut chutney. They don't even have peanut chutney as an option. Is it because of allergies? 

Peanut chutney is only made at home. Why isn't it served outside of the home? It's not like it's difficult to make. The chutney consists of peanuts, tamarind, dried red chilies, salt, brown sugar and oil. In my opinion, coconut chutney is only good with idlis not dosas. 

What do you think about the potato curry served with dosas at the restaurants? I never liked it; it's tasteless and lumpy. My mom makes the potato curry with mixed vegetables so you're not just eating POTATO. Besides potatoes, she also adds cauliflower, French cut beans, carrots and peas in her recipe. It's a healthier version. 

I didn't have all the vegetables from her recipe, so I improvised and used: baby bella mushrooms, soy beans and cashews in with the potatoes. It turned out well and my husband liked it so it's a win in my book.

I hope to see more dosa places pop up in my area. The Brooklynites are missing out on our cuisine and culture. 

What is your "dosa heaven"? Which do you prefer: peanut chutney or coconut chutney with dosas? We would love to hear from you.