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May 15, 2012

~*A Special Mother's Day Weekend*~

Mother's Day started on Friday for us since I couldn't wait to give my mom and grandmother the flowers I bought for them. I left work early and drove straight to the local florist (been going there since my prom). I had a floral arrangement made for both them; sending lots of love from my sister, dad and me.

They loved the burst of color from all the various flowers: lilies, daises, mums, roses, hydrangeas, and carnations. The florist inserted shimmering crystals into some of the flowers for that extra sparkle. Only the very best for the special ladies in my life.

My mom is "one of a kind" and she deserves things that are also just like her. So of course, I had to give her this brooch.

A great find from Red Ribbon Gift Shop, Morris Plains NJ 
Once gift giving was complete, I kicked my mom out of the kitchen and started on the next surprise; it's something crunchy and peanut buttery.

I was thinking of making cookies and just like that I landed on this recipe: Peanut Butter, Cinnamon, and Chocolate Chip Cookies by The Snarky Chickpea (delicious Vegan recipes). It was like she knew I was craving chocolate chip cookies. I almost scratched the idea when I read that it needed 1 flax egg. Thank God, flax egg is really ground flax seed mixed in hot water.

The Snarky Chickpea was right, it's so hard to eat just one cookie. So good!!

I think I fared well on my first try. What do you think? I wowed my grandmother with my baking skills. I added chunky dark chocolate chips and walnuts to make the cookies more crunchy and "healthy" (just the way my mom likes it). I always liked making presents rather than buying them; shows that you care!

Before I knew it, my mom hurried into the kitchen and started cooking for her mother. I helped her make sarvapindi (rice and moong flatbread) and pakora kadhi (A variation of Vegetable Kadhi made with pakora). My grandmum was all smiles. And her smile widened a bit more when she saw that her son (my uncle) came over for dinner. He surprised her with a box of mouth watering Indian sweets and garam garam samosas (fried vegetable dumplings).

Sarvapindi (Rice and Moong Flatbread)

Dinner was fantastic with delicious food and good company. A few hours later, we had an encore of peanut butter cinnamon chocolate chip cookies and Indian sweets for dessert. My uncle spent the night and we all chatted into the night. It was a great start to the weekend.

Happy Mother's Day!!

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