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May 25, 2012

A Birthday Bonanza!

I've heard it a million you get older, you gain more wisdom and maturity. I guess that's what happened to me over the weekend. I celebrated my new found virtues with a new hairstyle and outfit.

I decided to keep it simple this year and hung out with family over Sunday brunch. We sat outside and enjoyed the only sunny day from the whole week of rainy weather. On every birthday, my mom prepares our favorite dishes no questions asked. So this year, she made me chili pakora and they were good but not really spicy. (I'm a chicken when it comes to spicy food, so take it from me when I say they weren't).  

Chili Pakora (Mirchi Bhajji in Hindi)
Aside from the pakoras, we also ate pineapple paneer biryani with cucumber raita, chole with garlic naan, and seasoned cauliflower curry. I kept with the fruity theme and made pineapple and mint mojitos (without arugula) to be enjoyed with lunch. It became a boozy afternoon lunch, which was fine by me since I am now old enough to drink and know when to stop. The drink was smooth and cool; perfect for the sunny weather.

A few hours later, we ate again but this time it was cake.

It was a plain cheesecake from Costco decorated with spiced chocolate covered strawberries made by none other than Moi! I grabbed the biggest one for myself since I was the birthday girl. They were an instant hit. I was also happy to find only 3 candles on my cake instead of it covered in candles representing my age. Phew!!

As we ate cake, I opened up all my presents and was thankful for everything I received including some cash (which is always nice), a pair of chandelier earrings studded with Swarovski crystals, a new handbag, and a flamenco dancer figurine from Spain. The most surprising gifts of all was from one of my friends. He gave me an original print of the New York Times newspaper from the day I was born.

Here are some of the headlines:
- President Reagen met with King Hassan of Morocco to discuss terms that would allow American troops and planes to use a Moroccan air base in case of a crisis in the Middle East.
- Gasoline priced at $1.19 per gallon ($32 a barrel).
- Inflation was at a all time high and interest rate was about 15%
- AT&T was just beginning to split and appoint new heads for all its divisions.

So to recap, my weekend ROCKED!!!

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  1. Happy Birthday:) You look beautiful, I love the hair!


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