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September 18, 2012

~Cheers To The End Of Summer~

Mana's Aloha Farm - Fruit stand just outside of Akaka Falls State Park

Aloha to all! We're back from our island paradise getaway to Hawai'i. It was wonderful and definitely worth every penny. Indulged in tropical fruits and weather everyday and returned home with a big smile. Only wish we had more time to spend there. Alas there's always next time.
When we got home, we enjoyed some good ol' home cooking with some warm rasam and rice. Then ended the night with a glass of Tropical Fresca while reflecting back on our fun in the sun and on the beach. Join in by making your own batch today with the following ingredients. The recipe makes 6 servings (each serving is about 8oz):

- 250 ml canned Pineapple juice
- 250 ml Mango juice
- 250 ml Sprite
- ½ cup crushed ice

Fill the pitcher with crushed ice and pour in the juices and soda. Mix well. Serve cold.

***Quick Tip: For a low cal version, use seltzer water instead of Sprite.