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June 10, 2012

My "Glassy" Weekend In Corning - Day Two

The first day of my birthday getaway went so well, I couldn't wait to dive into the second. I read about glass blowing and sculpting before but it was amazing watching it live and actually participating in the activity to create a beautiful piece. Every time I pass my room, I stop to admire the glass flower I helped make. It's so colorful and pretty. It's an amazing experience.
The next day we planned for some outdoor fun and drove to Watkins Glen State Park on Seneca Lake (one of the Finger Lakes). It's a great place for hiking, camping, walking trails and picnics. I love the outdoors...but I'm a scared cat when it comes to camping. We decided to do a bit of hiking and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

We packed a backpack with all the necessities and made our way to Gorge Trail (one of the most scenic and longest trails in the park). It took us away from all the hustle and bustle of the town and made us one with nature. A nature full of streams, springs, waterfalls, cool breezes, tall trees, flora, and occasional bugs.

The Gorge Trail is about 1.5 miles long and it roughly took us 3 hours to reach the end and head back up. I was expecting rugged paths but it was totally different. We hiked on a 'manufactured pathway, through chiseled tunnels, and over mortared bridges' (as stated on the park's website). Above are a few more shots from our adventure. After the hike, we decided to have lunch at a nearby vineyard and maybe do some wine tasting as well. Fun!!
Lakewood Vineyards - Watkins Glen, NY
First we went to Lakewood Vineyards where we had to choose from two categories of wines: Flight A (Dry Whites & Dry Reds) or Flight B (Semi-Sweet & Sweet). Our group opted the latter one. Out of the ones we tasted, my favorites were Niagara 2010 and Vignoles 2012 (their best selling wine). After wine tasting, we took a stroll along the vineyards and enjoyed the nice breeze before heading to the next another place for lunch. Onwards to Castel Griech Winery where we enjoyed German cuisine.

We stayed in the wine country until early evening and headed back to our hotel. We headed back home mid Monday morning to beat the holiday traffic and I have to say we got really lucky with traffic. We whizzed through with minimal delays. Overall, I must say I enjoyed myself quite a bit. It was just what I needed to get away from the norm. I would recommend more people to venture out into New York State. There's so much to do and see. I can't wait for my next visit...NEXT ADVENTURE!!

***Quick Tips:
- Pack bug spray, sun screen and water for the trails. 
- Get a head start by going to the park early and beat the crowd. Also check the weather so you don't get stuck in a downpour. 
- There are about 30 or so vineyards along the Seneca Lake Wine Trail (Finger Lakes Region). Do your research and make a weekend of it. Each place charged a minimal fee for wine tasting. Oh and the wine pourers are friendly and fun. It felt great supporting the local brewers.

June 3, 2012

My "Glassy" Vacation At Corning - Day One

If I had to sum up my vacation in one word, it would be, Magical. My friends pitched in and gifted me with a sweet getaway to a destination of my choice for my big birthday. I chose Corning, New York. 
Over the Memorial Day weekend, we drove up there and it took us about 4 hours to reach. We booked rooms at the Radisson Hotel, which was minutes away from all the tourist attractions. I picked activities that would please everyone, like the Museum of Glass, hiking in Watkins Glen State Park and then wine tasting on the Seneca Lake Wine Trail. Thankfully the weather was pleasant all weekend long. Since there was a Glass Festival happening there that weekend, we had lots to see and savor.  I love street festivals.

Corning Glass Festival @ Gafford District (Downtown Corning)
It was nice to walk through and find so many various kinds of art forms. A few that caught my eye were stands displaying jewelry made with glass beads, vintage pyrex, sculptures made with glass, metal and/or wax. My friend bought an interesting metal sculpture for his dad called Reading on Toliet. Check it out! I was moved by the artists' passion for their trade and how excited they were in engaging the visitors. In addition to the street vendors, there were bbq parties, a concert in the park and water fountains' sound and light show.

After lunch, we headed to the Museum of Glass for some interactive fun. I signed everyone up for Make Your Own Glass was the most fun I had in a while. Each workshop was about 40 minutes long and in that time they explained the procedure, the tools involved and safety precautions.

Check out my head to toe protective gear! I didn't waste much time and got right down to business. Here's a shot of my finished project:

Beautiful, isn't it? Looks so professional. It was a proud moment for me when I picked it up the next day. After our sessions, we explored the rest of the museum. As you walk through the museum, you can get a sense of how glass making had evolved through the ages; specifically with the usage of tools. They also had live demos such as flame working, optical fiber, hot glass show and glass breaking. Pretty cool stuff!
The only thing left to do after a whole day of fun was to eat. We settled down at a nice spot in the park with pizza and beer and enjoyed the ambiance.

***Quick Tips:
- If you plan on making a trip over a holiday weekend, start early.
- AAA members get discounted tickets at the museum and hotel. 
- It's a good idea to reserve the Make Your Own Glass workshops ahead of time; especially if you're planning to go on a holiday weekend and in large groups.