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August 10, 2019

My Fruity Piece of Heaven

I finally found someone who loves fruits as much as I do...of course, I'm talking about my husband!

He proudly boasts that he can eat 4 or 5 oranges in one sitting without concern. Geez! Besides, oranges he also loves pomelo and longan (also known as dragon eye).

I don't know if I can eat that many oranges in one sitting, however, jackfruit is another story.  I LOVE jackfruit. Ever since I found out that our local Jmart (Asian grocery store) stocks this fruit during the summertime, I make it a point to go every week to get some.

It was hard to come by when I was in Jersey but now that I'm within walking distance to this store, I go often. I ate my share and then some this summer, which by the way isn't over yet...

Every time I eat this fruit, I'm in heaven. And when I run out, I'm sad. :(

💡 Did you know that jackfruit is a fruit that is composed of hundreds to thousands of individual flowers, and the fleshy petals of the unripe fruit which are eaten? I didn't know that. Thanks, Wikipedia! 

I did know, however, that it is not easy to cut open a jackfruit (like the one pictured above). You have to be prepared to spend at least a few hours to cut it open and take out all the "fleshy petals". The above will feed a lot of people. 

If you are planning to enjoy on your own and do not want to buy the whole fruit, you can buy thick slices of it at the store. That's what I do. 

Quick Tip 1: If you are not going to buy the whole fruit, make sure you pick slices where the "fleshy" petals are deep yellow and are mature. You know the petals are mature when they are thick. This means the fruit is ripe for the picking. The thicker the petals, the sweeter they will be and also the seeds will be tastier when boiled. 

Quick Tip 2: Make sure that there aren't any parts on the slices that are going bad. You don't want that. Carefully inspect the fruit slices before buying.

Below is a picture of one of the slices I bought as well as all the utensils needed to cut this sucker open. 

You will need:
- vegetable oil
- knife
- napkins or paper towels
- a bowl (to collect the seeds)
- bowl(s) to collect the petals
- newspaper or place mat

I rubbed oil on my hands and also on the knife which I will be using to cut open the jackfruit slice. I usually start cutting on one corner and move to the center so I can split it into pieces. Then I carefully remove the "fleshy" petals and seeds.

After you remove the fleshy petals and seeds, discard the green spike peel. The knife you use may get sticky time to time so re-apply oil as necessary.

This accumulation is from two thick slices of jackfruit!

Quick Tip 3: Don't throw away the seeds. I remove the thin yellowish layer off the seeds and wash them thoroughly. Then I let them dry completely and then I boil them for about 5 to10 minutes (depending on quantity). 

They taste just like boiled chestnuts. I love that you can eat the fruit and the seeds. Less wastage! My husband likes them too.

💡 Did you know that you can also cook with unripened jackfruit? You can find recipes for jackfruit curry or jackfruit biryani. I haven't tried it or made it as of yet...but you never know!

💡 Interesting Fact: Ripened "fleshy petals" have dietary fiber. Don't eat too many in one sitting unless you want to have diarrhea. I learned that the hard way! Now, I eat a few pieces at a time.

Have you tried jackfruit before? Do you like or dislike it? Please share your comments below. 

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