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December 3, 2015

Cornbread Stuffing with a Cornucopia of Vegetables

Carrots, Celery, Red Onion and Cornbread Oh Yum!
Another holiday has come and gone, but the leftovers are still being enjoyed; the best part of Thanksgiving.

This year we spent the holiday at my uncle's place and took our favorite vegetarian dishes over including Vegetarian Stuffing, Green Bean Casserole, Blueberry pie, and Brown Sugar Glazed Sweet Potatoes.

The following recipe is for the most moist and flavorful vegetarian stuffing I've ever eaten. I don't have to feel guilty eating so much of it, especially with a cornucopia of vegetables.

- 7 oz Pepperidge Farm Cornbread Stuffing
- 2 cups Vegetable Broth
- 2 tbsp Butter
- 4 Celery stalks, stringed and chopped finely
- 1 medium Red onion
- 1 large carrot, peeled and chopped finely
- 1 cup French cut beans
- Vegetable oil
- 1 Red or Yellow bell pepper, seeded and chopped into 1" cubes
- 1 tsp Ginger-garlic paste
- 2 to 3 green Chilies, chopped finely
- 1/4 cup Craisins (dried cranberries), optional
- 1/2 tsp Salt

Heat oil and butter in a large skillet and stir fry onion, celery, carrots, and bell pepper for 2 to 3 minutes on medium heat. Sprinkle salt and cook the vegetable mixture under tight lid. When the vegetables are soft, remove lid and add vegetable broth, and cover the skillet to allow the mixture to boil. When it boils, remove the lid and lower the heat to low and add in the cornbread stuffing and mix well. Remove from heat and garnish with Craisins (dried cranberries) and serve.

(Please Note: add additional broth or water if the mixture looks dry. Cover with a lid and allow the water to be absorbed well for 2 to 3 minutes.) 

How was your Thanksgiving holiday? What was your favorite dish? Looking forward to hearing about your foodie stories. 

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