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March 4, 2010

Mazzedar Naan Pizza

'The day after the big storm last week, my mom and I decided to spice up things in the kitchen by making our very own pizza. We had shoveled the driveway for 2 hours and wanted to treat ourselves for all the hard work. Below are the list of ingredients and procedure for making 4 individualized pizzas. It became a party once we announced we were making pizza from scratch. (shh… almost from scratch!)

• 4- Tandoori Naan (Costco, Indian or local grocer)
• 1 cup of Spaghetti sauce (any variety)
• 1 small can of Sliced olives
• 1 ball of Fresh Mozzarella cheese thinly sliced
• 1 large Red Bell Pepper sliced
• 1 large Green Bell pepper sliced
• 1 medium Yellow onion sliced
• 6 fresh Mushrooms (baby bella) sliced
• 1 tbsp Ginger garlic paste
• ½ tsp crushed Red pepper
• Extra Virgin Olive oil (EVOO)

1. In a non-stick saucepan saute the peppers and mushrooms with a pinch of salt for 5-6min and keep it aside.

2. In a bowl mix together spaghetti sauce, ginger garlic paste and crush peppers (for a bit of kick to your pizza)
3. Place a non-stick griddle on medium/low-med heat. Brush the bottom of the naan with EVOO and place it on the pan.

4. Spread the sauce on the naan evenly and arrange cheese slices to cover the naan.

5. Spread the sauteed vegetables and sliced olives evenly over the cheese and drizzle a little bit of EVOO.

6. Allow the naan to grill for at least 5-min or until the cheese melts and the bottom is browned evenly.

7. Voila! Your personal pan pizza is ready to enjoy. Slide the pizza into a plate and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese for added flavor. It's great for parties of all sizes.

***Other toppings include: canned or fresh pineapple pieces and olives, shredded grilled chicken (for meat lovers), or even leftover veg. curry. Also try using hummus instead of pasta sauce for a Mediterranean taste).  

Chapata Pineapple

Leftover cabbage curry

How do you eat your naan pizza? Please share your ideas?


  1. My mom went to the grocery store the other day and saw that Deep foods has come up with their own version of our Indian Pizza. So I guess everyone is slowly catching up with the idea.

  2. You know, if you don't want to go buy vegetables for the pizza, you can also use any vegetable curry you have in your fridge. I just ate cabbage curry pizza with Parmesan cheese. It was so Delish. Also, if you don't buy cheese, use cheese singles. For my pizza which I made today, I used Vodka Spaghetti sauce.

    What a pizza:

  3. Anonymous4/19/2010

    Awesome ...very detailed instructions...I loved your website !

  4. Awesome recipe, tried it with salsa instead of pasta sauce...added a nice kick to the whole dish.

  5. nice one, Avaneesh. We have tried hummus as the sauce base and added vegetables and cheese afterwards. It came out pretty good. It's all about experimenting with various flavors.

  6. An Admirer7/23/2011

    They are very tasty as compared to chain pizza places. Using naan/pocketless pita as the pizza base is a cool idea for making personalized pizzas at home regardless of where you live. I like that we can use local or seasonal vegetables as the toppings.


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