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Warm Up with Tea - Varieties and Benefits

What is chai  ☕  for an Indian? • Sleepy? Have tea. • Tired  😰 ? Have tea. • Mood off  😏 ? Have tea. • Feeling cold 🥶? Have tea. • Want a...

March 31, 2014

Spring is in the Air and so is Another New Year!!

I started the day with a taste of the Ugadi Pachadi and my usual breakfast: hot black tea and cereal. I was so happy, Ugadi (our new year) fell on the weekend this year. It gave us ample time to cook for the guests who were joining us for the holiday

Along with the pachadi, we made vegetable pulao, vegetable koftashahi korma, cucumber raitapulihora and halwa puri. The heavenly aromas of spices were wafting from the kitchen and through the house that I could hardly stay away.

Here's to a sweet New Year from our family to yours!