The word "khana" in Indian Khana Made Easy means food. So come on, let's explore and cook some easy Indian food together including gluten-free and vegan dishes.


February 20, 2010

The Thinking Behind this IDEA!

A Message to the Indian Khana Made Easy readers,

Home away from home, we always crave for authentic Indian food, but are shunned away from making them because of the laborious work and tons of materials that are required. We all have been in this situation a few times. My mom is an avid fan of Food Network shows and amazed on how each of the chefs focuses on an unique aspect. One of her favorite shows is Sandra Lee’s “Semi Homemade Cooking". Sandra's techniques drew her attention and gave her the inspiration to apply similar methods to Indian cooking; using commonly available ingredients from nearby grocery stores.
She was quite pleased with the results and wanted to share with everyone and that's how this blog was born. It's another vehicle for people interested in Indian cooking to learn to use the spices and make a variety of dishes from our recipes index.With our easy-to-follow instructions, pictures and videos, you’re sure to be a hit at your next dinner or party.

Did I mention that these dishes have another advantage; they are much healthier than their original recipes!