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February 29, 2012

A Tasty Memory - Feast Fit For A King

My foodie adventures always cheer me up whenever I'm down about something. One of my most tastiest travel memories was at Choki Dhani in Jaipur last year. Choki Dhani is a re-creation of an authentic Rajasthani village filled with food, entertainment and wonder. The dining hall was decorated with Rajasthani art and hangings. Servers dressed in the traditional garb served a variety of curries (e.g. kofta, dal, korma), flat breads (e.g. naan, roti, paratha), Khichdi, Kadhi, pakora, freshly churned butter, salad and desserts (e.g. sooji halwa, laddu, kheer).

Servers passed by and refilled any dish that was almost empty. My family and I felt like we got the royal treatment when we ate a feast fit for a King. We left the hall with big smiles and bulging stomachs. It was truly a culinary delight. And if that wasn't enough, outside the hall there was a vendor selling a freshly brewed Rabri, sweet and condensed milk based dessert.
 It was a cool and refreshing way to end the night!
Rich food plus great company equals a magical night! I would definitely recommend anyone traveling to Jaipur to visit this place for a night of fun and foodie delight. For more eye candy, check out my post about my Jaipur trip.

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